[How to cook hawthorn delicious]_ practice _ correct


[How to cook hawthorn delicious]_ practice _ correct

Although hawthorn has a strong spleen and appetizing function, too many people say that the hawthorn is too acidic when eating bananas. If you use the hawthorn tablets to soak the water, the water will be sour and even difficultRoar below.

And fresh hawthorn is also very sour, but the use of fresh hawthorn is very extensive.

And fresh hawthorn can even be eaten directly or boiled, so how to cook hawthorn is delicious?

Introduction to boiled hawthorn: The recipe introduces hawthorn, an edible plant, hard, thin flesh, and slightly sour.

Deciduous shrub.

Branches densely dense, spiny, young branches pilose.

Branchlets purple-brown, old branches gray-brown.

Nutritional effects Hawthorn tablets contain a variety of vitamins, maslinic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, etc., but also contain flavonoids, lactones, sugars, proteins, trace amounts and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.Enzymes can promote the digestion of adult foods.

Promote gastric juice secretion and increase gastric enzymes and other functions.

Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn has the effects of eliminating stasis, converging and reducing diarrhea, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

Indications: stagnant diet, full chest, qi and blood stasis and amenorrhea.

Hawthorn contains medicinal ingredients such as sorbids and flavonoids, which have significant blood vessel expansion and antihypertensive effects. It has the functions of strengthening the heart muscle, anti-arrhythmia, and regulating blood lipid and plasma content.

It can be eaten by everyone.

Children, the elderly, and indigestion are particularly suitable for consumption.

Colds, indigestion, loss of appetite, children with spinal cord calcium deficiency, children with iron deficiency anemia can eat more hawthorn tablets.

Hawthorn can not be eaten on an empty stomach. It is rich in organic acids, fruit acids, maslinic acid, citric acid and so on. If eaten on an empty stomach, it will lead to a surge in gastric acid, cause adverse irritation to the gastric mucosa, cause stomach fullness, pantothenic acid.Consuming it regularly can increase the sense of hypertension and severe stomach pain.

Eat less Hawthorn Hawthorn Hawthorn contains the acidity combined with gastric acid, which easily forms stomach stones and is difficult to digest.

If the gastrointestinal phagocytosis cannot digest it, it can cause gastric ulcers, gastric bleeding and even gastric perforation.

Therefore, raw hawthorn should be eaten as little as possible, especially those with weak rehabilitation function should be more cautious.

Doctors recommend that it is best to cook hawthorn before eating.

Should avoid too much stomach acid, peptic ulcers and dental caries, as well as taking nourishing drugs.

Those with weak spleen and stomach should take caution.

① “Outline”: “A lot of raw food is annoying and irritating, and it is particularly inappropriate for people who have damaged teeth.

“②” Ben Cao Jing Shu “:” People with deficiency of the spleen and stomach and accumulation of stagnation should not be used together with tonics.

“③” Mate with Materia Medica “:” Qi deficiency and stuffiness, spleen deficiency without food, at the same time.

Those who serve ginseng avoid it.

“④” Dietary spectrum of living with interest “:” Fresh food consumes air, damages teeth, is easy to survive, fasting and cowardly or debilitated after illness.

“Hawthorn is a good thing for the average person. Everyone can make some hawthorn by themselves this season. Some of the additives bought outside are bad for the body?
OK, let’s talk about the topic ~~ The raw materials are very simple, hawthorn, water, and rock sugar (the rock sugar’s mouth feel should be better than white sugar), and then soak it in the basin for a while, and then dig out the black area below.Going down, some people say that it ‘s half open and digging the core. I think it ‘s fine. It ‘s not processed. The preparation is done. It ‘s easy. Then pour the hawthorn into the pot and put the rock candy., Sweet classmates can put more, I put in the water of hawthorn, so it will be more sticky after cooking for a while, then close the pot, wait for the pot to run out of water, thick enough, this is to cook for 20 minutesIt looks like it ‘s cooked and bloomed. It ‘s out of the pot, because the rice cooker used is relatively slow, and it ‘s been cooking for more than 40 minutes.