[Do you need calcium for lactating mothers?]


[Do you need calcium for lactating mothers?]

During lactation, we should pay attention to the absorption of calcium, which is also beneficial to the health of the mother. We know that calcium is an irreplaceable trace element for children’s growth and development. It can promote the development of children. During breastfeeding, childrenThe main absorption of calcium comes from breast milk, so at this time the mother should usually eat more foods with calcium supplementation.

Do lactating mothers need calcium supplements? During lactation, because of breastfeeding, they always worry about their nutritional deficiency.

I heard that calcium is important for your baby’s growth.

Is it because the mother needs to add more calcium to the baby’s calcium?

If you take calcium, you can’t get enough food alone!

Also eat calcium tablets!

However, can lactating mothers take calcium tablets?

Calcium is an essential trace element for your baby’s growth.

Your baby’s lack of calcium will affect your baby’s growth.

Babies who are breast-feeding can absorb calcium from their mother’s milk.

Therefore, calcium-deficient mothers need calcium supplements.

Eating calcium tablets during breastfeeding is believed to be an accelerated way of calcium supplementation.

Therefore, you can eat calcium tablets during lactation.

In addition to the mother’s need for calcium supplements, the baby also needs vitamin D.

Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium. If the baby has been supplemented with calcium, but the effect is not very good, it may be that the calcium cannot be absorbed, and vitamin D needs to be added at this time.

In addition to being absorbed from medicines, vitamin D can also be absorbed through the sun.

Because ultraviolet light from the sun contacts the skin, it synthesizes vitamin D, which helps promote calcium absorption.

Many times the baby has added calcium, but the effect is not very obvious, it may be because the calcium cannot be absorbed, at this time, vitamin D needs to be added.

Relevant authorities now recommend that vitamin D should be taken before the baby is 3 years old.

Why Calcium Supplementation Is Needed During Breastfeeding? During breastfeeding, in addition to the mother’s body’s need for calcium, the mother also needs to distribute calcium to the baby.

If the calcium supply in the diet is insufficient, the maternal forces must use the calcium in their own bone tissue to maintain the stability of milk calcium.

Expert studies have found that normal breastfeeding mothers need to use calcium in bones to supplement calcium in milk for stability. Within 100 days, 20% calcium is used from bones and teeth. This shows that the calcium in the general diet cannot meet the calcium requirement in milk.
Therefore, the mother needs to supplement the calcium absorption.

What to eat during breastfeeding? During breastfeeding, there are many things to add calcium, usually eat more foods with high calcium content, for example: milk is rich in calcium and fully absorbed.

Animal livers, egg yolks, fish, meat and beans are rich in vitamin D, which can promote the absorption of calcium. Laver and cauliflower are also rich in calcium. They are eaten with broad skin; bone soup is made with vinegar, but the absorption rate is increased.

In addition, it is necessary to bask in the sun, because ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the synthesis of VD in the human body. VD can regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and accelerate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine.

Calcium supplementation during breastfeeding is very important. Calcium deficiency can easily cause mothers to have toothache and bone aches, and it may cause rickets for babies. Therefore, proper calcium supplementation is important for both mothers and babies.