[Candied Boiled Sugar]_Candied Gourd _Production Method_Methods Daquan


[Candied Boiled Sugar]_Candied Gourd _Production Method_Methods Daquan

Rocky gourd is a kind of snack that children love very much and can only be eaten in winter.

There are many types of rock gourds. In addition to the existing hawthorn, there are many other fruits. Some people will add some date puree to the hawthorn to integrate the sour taste of the hawthorn.

The most important step in making rock candy gourd is to boil sugar. Rock sugar gourd boiled sugar

First, the manufacturing method of rock sugar gourd 1, when making rock sugar gourd at home, you need to prepare 500 grams of hawthorn, 150 grams of rock sugar, 150 grams of boiling water, and bamboo sticks in an appropriate amount.

2. Wash the prepared hawthorn with water, then remove its pedicle and fruit handle, and then cut the hawthorn from the middle with a knife to dig out the inner core.

3. Put the prepared large pieces of rock candy on a plate, put them in a microwave oven and heat them on high heat for one minute. After taking them out, grind them into pieces.

Wear the treated hawthorn with a clean bamboo stick and set aside.

4. Put the rock sugar in the pot, add the same amount of boiling water, and heat it on high heat. During the heating process, use a shovel to stir continuously. After the rock sugar in the pot is completely dissolved, use a low fire to cook the syrup boiled in the pot.Began bubbling and turned yellow.

5. After the syrup in the pot is boiled, quickly put the hawthorn worn in advance into the syrup and roll it around so that their surfaces are evenly covered. After the syrup is boiled, put it on the iron plate after taking it outCool down, wait until the syrup on the surface has solidified, and the homemade sugar gourd will be ready.

6. When making ice-cream gourds at home, boiling syrup is the most important step. After boiling the sugar with medium heat, use a low heat and slowly boil the sugar syrup in the pot. During the process of boiling, keep stirring, and be carefulObserve that only by mastering the heat of the syrup, can you make the sugar candy gourd color and fragrance complete.

Second, the methods and techniques of making sugar gourds open a small fire and put some lard (salad oil is yellow). If you want to be beautiful, use lard. Put some water in. If the lard has a low melting point, I ‘m afraid of you.The sugar turned yellow before it melted.

What is the ratio?

It’s lard 2: water 1: rock sugar 7, pay attention to low fire.

The main thing is how the sugar coagulates without changing the cream or soup.

The main and easiest way is to pass the soup when all the flowers are blooming, and when the small bubbles are on the string, remove the pot from the fire (because the speed of the soup changes at this time). Look carefully and use a spoonA little bit, if the soup paddle can be raised when it is up, it can be condensed to indicate that it can be hung up, and then just roll the prepared mountain check in it.

This method is quick because the soup will melt easily because there is lard in it. To be safer, the slower method is to use water instead of oil. The reason is that if there is oil, I do n’t know if Shancha can hang sugar paddles, but generallyNo problem, the main thing is to see your eyesight and the ability to control the weather.