Dry in autumn, TCM health prevention of keratitis


Dry in autumn, TCM health prevention of keratitis

The phenomenon of wet white, erosion, and cleft palate at the corner of the mouth is called angular cheilitis.

Because there is no obvious symptoms of arthritis congestion, it is also called horny disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine is called “mouth sore” or “yanphrenia”.

  The cause of keratitis is cold and dry climate, which causes the mucous membrane of the lips and the skin around the mouth to crack. The bacteria cause the infection to cause keratitis. If the vitamins in the supplement are reduced, the deficiency of B vitamins in the body will also lead to the deficiency of vitamin B.inflammation.
Therefore, pay attention to the balance of the budget, eat more food to prevent B vitamins, etc. is an effective measure to prevent angular cheilitis.


Strengthen nutrition and pay attention to budget balance.

  Do not eclipse food, do not picky eaters, eat more foods that add B vitamins.

Such as animal liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, soy products, carrots, fresh green leafy vegetables, etc.

Because B vitamins are easily dissolved in water, the family should pay attention to prevent the loss of vitamins when cooking. Rice should not be washed thoroughly. Vegetables should be washed and cut first. After cutting, put the pan as soon as possible. Add some vinegar when cooking.

These practices are beneficial for the preservation and absorption of vitamins.


Eat more moisturizing food.

  Chinese medicine believes that angular cheilitis is caused by autumn dryness, and prevention should also focus on moistening dryness.

Lily, white fungus, sesame, walnut, sugar cane, milk, honey can moisturize the lungs and benefit the Qi, you can eat more.

Spicy fried foods are less delicious.


Pay attention to facial skin care and keep your lips clean.

  If the lips are dry, apply a small amount of glycerin, ointment or cooking oil to prevent dry skin.

At the same time, parents should pay special attention to educating children not to use their tongues to lick their tongues.

Sodium chloride, amylase, lysozyme, etc. in saliva remain at the corners of the mouth, which tends to cause local dryness and erosion.


Once suffering from angular cheilitis, you can take multivitamin B.

  The topical paste can be coated with borax and honey and mix thoroughly. It is also effective to apply with bronze powder or sputum.

If there is a Candida albicans infection, you can use 5% Moldy Ointment for external hemorrhoids and heal after a few days.