Surprise: high foods can also lose weight


Surprise: high foods can also lose weight

The latest scientific research has found that these so-called high-metabolism foods can actually help you lose weight.

  Ice cream: A recent Swedish study found that women who ate at least one full-fat dairy product a day had less weight than those who did not.

Although the researchers have not fully determined the link, they believe that a linoleic acid contained in milk can help lose weight.

  But don’t eat too much, in any case, full-fat foods do contain saturated traces.

It is best to eat only two servings a day. If you want to eat again, you should choose low-fat.

  Pizza: Although the size of the pizza is high, it is possible to avoid high conversions with a little bit of fiber before eating, for example, a whole wheat pizza with vegetable filling.

Nutritionists believe that fiber, like protein, is not easily digested by the body, helping to maintain long-term satiety.

If you insist on eating pizza with only vegetables and lean meat, you can avoid repeating too many conversions.

  If you are eating out, try to eat a little bit of pizza, which contains a lot of calories and traces.

It is important to note that you should never eat pizza with sausage or salami, or add too much cheese, which is high in fat and high in conversion.

  Eating a little cheese, ice cream or a glass of milk a day is the best choice, and the vitamin D contained in them can also prevent cancer.

Whether you are losing weight or not, you should make dairy products a part of your diet.